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Charitable Lead Trust

Lead Trust Diagram

How it Works

  • You contribute securities or other appreciated assets to a charitable lead trust which will be handled by the trustee of your choice. The WVU Foundation does not serve as trustee of charitable lead trusts, because they are taxable trusts.
  • The lead annuity trust makes fixed annual payments to the WVU Foundation to support any part of WVU for a period of time. The lead unitrust would make variable payments.
  • When the trust terminates, the remaining principal is paid to your heirs.


  • Income payments to us for a term reduce the ultimate tax cost of transferring an asset to your heirs. 
  • The amount and term of the payments to support WVU can be set so as to reduce or even eliminate transfer taxes due when the principal reverts to your heirs.
  • All appreciation that takes place in the trust goes tax-free to the individuals named in your trust.

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