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Financial Advisors' Information

The WVU Foundation is willing to serve as the trustee of charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts. Our minimum gift amount is $50,000.

Cash, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds work well. The Foundation staff can help you and your client with the instructions for such an asset transfer.

Real estate can be donated to create a unitrust (the flip unitrust) that is uniquely capable of handling a real estate gift because it initially pays the lesser of actual income earned or X%, as specified in the contract. Until the property is sold by the trustee, the payout is limited to actual income earned. Once the property is sold, the X% payout begins the following year and continues until the trust terminates. Our concerns about the property are mainly about marketability, environmental hazards, and debt-free status, but other conditions can lead to further investigation of the property to determine its acceptability as a gift asset for a unitrust. The Foundation staff can provide the assistance needed to carry out such a gift.

The WVU Foundation requires that the income recipient(s) of a charitable remainder trust must be age 50 or older when the payout period begins.

The WVU Foundation is willing to serve as the trustee of a charitable remainder trust which will benefit both WVU and one or more other nonprofit organizations as long as the Foundation will receive 50% or more of the remainder and the Foundation’s share equals at least $50,000 of the original gift amount.

The Foundation staff can supply sample trust documents, gift illustrations showing the financial benefits involved, and other assistance needed.