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Financial Advisors' Information

The WVU Foundation offers one-life and two-life charitable gift annuities that are generally most attractive to those in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. These are the current payout rates available for a one-life gift annuity.

For younger clients, the deferred gift annuity offers the opportunity to provide now for later retirement needs and receive an income tax deduction this year. contact us for the current payout rates on a “charitable IRA.”

Cash, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds work well, especially if the asset has appreciated in value. The Foundation staff can help you and your client with the instructions for such an asset transfer.

The WVU Foundation has complied with state regulations on gift annuities around the country with the exception of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin. The Foundation cannot offer gift annuities to residents of those states because of their burdensome restrictions.

The WVU Foundation requires that the income recipient(s) of a gift annuity must be age 50 or older when the payout period begins.

The Foundation staff can supply sample gift annuity contracts, gift illustrations showing the financial benefits involved, and other assistance needed.